Coral Restoration in Partnership with University of the Virgin Islands

We are thrilled to be working with the UVI on this important initiative to replenish the many coral reefs surrounding Lovango Cay.  The UVI and Lovango will use this as an opportunity to educate and excite visitors coming to Lovango about the importance of healthy coral reefs and what they can do to help rescue, renew and care for the reefs. 

Visitors will be able to snorkel the waters right off our beaches and get a firsthand look at the underwater research and regeneration of the reefs!   Underwater signage will help guide and educate snorkelers about what is happening within each of the research sites. 

Zone 1 - Rescue

Structures will be placed so that they are easily accessible by snorkelers. Fragments of opportunity of fast-growing species of corals (e.g., elkhorn, staghorn) will be attached to the frames of the structures. Structures will be maintained at least monthly and will become a source for Zones 2 + 3.  These frames will be arranged to spell out “Lovango” and underwater signage will be placed to provide an explanation. 

Scuba Divers in Lovango Bay
A Scuba Diver in the ocean

Zone 2 - Research

The Research Zone will be an area where experimental out planting will occur and where underwater sensors will be placed. A snorkel trail of underwater signs will be placed to allow visitors to identify important aspects of the coral reef. Surface buoys will be placed to indicate safe swimming areas.

Zone 3 - Restoration

The Restored Zone will be an area of concentrated out planting with no research monitoring. The research group will seek to quickly (3-5 years) restore this area to an elkhorn/staghorn dominant environment

Deep ocean corals
Lovango Pelican

Welcome to Lovango.
We reopen for the season on December 16.

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