The Ultimate Guide to Floating Take-Out in the US Virgin Islands

Dining out on a boat or a charter cruise can be an adventure in the USVI. St. John and St. Thomas both have memorable options for boaters to grab and go while out on the water. From floating pizza delivery off St. Thomas to a taco boat in Coral Harbor, St. John, and pick-up from a private island resort, Lovango, just off St. John, there’s no shortage of creative ways to take lunch to-go in the Virgin Islands. Here are a few of our favorite spots…

Lime Out

Since opening for business in 2019, this floating taco shop has become a St. John staple. Anchored in Coral Harbor, Lime Out is serving up hand squeezed juices, mouthwatering tacos, and creative cocktails to boaters on the southeast side of St. John. From ceviche to short rib, order up your taco spread from a menu prepared by chef Amaro Rivera and meet them at their anchorage in Coral Harbor. Pair with something off their excellent cocktail list and enjoy!  <link>

Lovango Water Fun

Lovango Touch-and-Go

Lovango’s touch-and-go lunch service is the newest addition to the Virgin Island’s to-go scene. Located conveniently between Red Hook, St. Thomas and Cruz Bay, St. John, everyone passes the front door of the Lovango Resort & Beach Club.  On your way to an afternoon of sun, snorkeling, beaching, or whatever the day’s fun holds, make a touch and go stop at Lovango and take our creative coastal cuisine along for the ride. From snapper sandwiches to key lime pie and your favorite cocktail, simply order on-line, pick your reservation pick-up time  and make your way to Lovango.  All items will be conveniently packaged to enjoy on deck while you’re cruising

UV Virgin Islands Lunch

Pizza Pi

Anchored in Christmas Cove off St. Thomas, Pizza Pi is a local favorite. The custom-built interior of this 37’ G.L. Watson motor sailor is equipped with two pizza ovens and homemade (rather, boat-made…) pizza is served fresh daily from March to August (these dates can’t be correct.  They have been open all winter!) to boaters. Simply place your order by phone, text message, or over VHF Ch. 16 and a freshly made pie will be waiting for you at the delivery window on the vessel’s stern. It’s been compared to a floating food truck and has been a regular feature of Christmas Cove since 2014. For an extra charge, they’ll deliver too!


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